Kick off Meeting – Spain

From 26 to 29 May 2021, the USIT association hosted the first meeting of the European project Outdoor Sports in Nature for Skills Development-OSIN4SD. The project aims to promote participation in sport and physical activity in nature, especially by supporting the implementation of European Union (EU) policy documents in the field of sport and other relevant policy areas and recommendations.
During these days 2 representatives from each partner organisation participated in the meeting:
Innovative Education Center (Austria)
L’orma (Italy)
Scout Society (Romania)
Hodina H (Czech Republic)
The first day there was a welcome to the partners, then there was a presentation of the association USIT, coordinator of the project, all the partner institutions made a presentation, once we all introduced ourselves and got to know a bit more about each other, we went to the presentation of the project: objectives, results, calendar of activities, there was a presentation of the responsibilities of each partner, we had a break to go out for lunch and taste different local products.
After lunch we worked on the mobilities and dates for the next meetings, the cooperation agreements.
At the end of the day we made a cultural visit to the city of Elche to show our culture and cultural spaces.
The next day we worked on other aspects of the project such as coordination and management of the project by all partners, evaluation and monitoring of the project, quality and evaluation, we discussed and worked on a proposal for a Quality Assurance Plan, communication between partners and communication plan.
We made a document with the next tasks, division of work, deadlines.
After leaving all the aspects of work closed, discussed and scheduled, we made a technical visit, where we made a sports activities to the CAU, mountain area of the city of Elche and monumental space of sculpture in the rock, then we moved to make a route to the reservoir of Elche, after all that we made the closing of the meeting and farewell dinner.

Second Partners Meeting – Romania

We are happy to announce that the second transnational meeting of the project “Outdoor Sports in Nature for Skills Development” project funded by the European Union through the Erasmus + Sport Program, took place. The meeting was in Romania, hosted by the Scout Society Association. At the meeting were present two representative from each organisation involved in the project, Usit, Hodina H, L’ORMAinternational, Innovative Education Center (IEC).

At the meeting we have checked the progress of the tasks and responsibilities since the last meeting and we establish details about visibility, dissemination and the next steps

The project aims to encourage the practice of sports activities, especially those carried out in nature, thus using sport as a beneficial educational tool in the development of skills.

Third Transnational Meeting – Italy

Another meeting successfully completed within the ” Outdoor Sports in Nature for Skills Development ” project. The meeting took place in Milan, Italy, hosted by the L’Orma.

The purpose of the meeting was to see the progress of the project so far and to establish the next steps. During the meeting we perfected the design of the handbook that will contain the benefits and skills you get by practicing outdoor sports in five main categories: physical health, mental health and well-being, education and learning, active citizenship and antisocial behavior.

We also set out the details of the awareness campaign. The campaign promotes the power of outdoor sports as an educational tool for developing skills at local, national and international levels.

Fourth Transnational Meeting – Austria

The meeting took place in Vienna, Austria. The hosting organization was Innovative Education Centre.

In the first part of the meeting we discussed about the E-book, webpage, and awareness campaign.

In the second part of the meeting we discussed the dissemination activities done so far and the visibility of the project.

Also, we got a chance of practicing an outdoor sport, ice-skating. Ice-skating is a great sport for skills development as it improves balance, muscle health, coordination, stress management, and focus.

Fifth Transnational Meeting – Czech Republic

The meeting was held from the 8th-10th of May in Pelhřimov (Czech Republic) and hosted by Hodina H.

In this final meeting, the dissemination and future sustainability of the project was discussed and we also got to do some outdoor activities, such as high ropes. The sport helps with concentration, improve teamwork and communication skills.

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