L’ORMAinternational is the international Sector of L’ORMA, a professional educational agency working in the field of Sport, Education and Social Entrepreneurship since 2000.

We are an established non-profit organisation present nationwide for 18 years: every year we provide hundreds of educational activities, involving 400 teachers, 60 schools and circa 6,000 children and families.

Although operating mainly in the world of non-profit, this is our job: we work with dozens of institutions, schools and private companies providing them educational services.

In the last 8 years, we have specialized in designing, writing and implementing European projects on “our” topics, developing and structuring a system to do it properly and effectively: now we are ready to share it with other organizations.

Innovative Education Center (IEC)

Innovative Education Center (IEC) is composed of international consultants, collaborators, volunteers and youth workers experienced in education, sport, art and culture, digital science technologies, law, and psychology.

IEC Austria mission is:
to bring innovative methods and practices for youth training in order to contribute to building better societies
promote social inclusion through sport, integration of migrants and environmental protection.
to produce and transmit knowledge through research and education to promote science, engineering and culture – to properly respond to meeting the social, cultural, educational and developmental needs of society with dedication to the principles of viable development and social cohesion.
to contribute to the shaping of responsible citizens capable of dealing with all fields of human endeavour based on their scientific, professional and cultural adequacy while having respect for justice, freedom, democracy and solidarity.
to provide environment for the development and dissemination of new knowledge and the promotion of new researches through cooperation with national and international organizations, institutions, enterprises and universities
to contribute the implementation of equal rights and equal opportunities and practices regardless of gender, race and origin.

The association currently functions with 5 staff members, 2 of them are paid founding members and 3 unpaid staff as well more than 10 collaborators. Throughout the years, IEC has built a strong network with associations in different sectors, schools, and social enterprises and every year about 100 learners are involved in over 15 local learning activities – training courses, seminars, workshops and sport events. Local learning activities are organized for many different target groups, including adult learners, youth (16-29), NEETs, teachers, university professors, social activists and other professionals. Most of educational activities are addressed to young people at risk of social exclusion and migrants.

Through trainings, capacity building events and international cooperation, IEC encourages participation in sport and physical activity in nature, especially by supporting the implementation of European Union (EU) policy documents in the field of sport and other relevant policy areas such as recommendations, guidelines, policy strategies, and the implementation of the Council Recommendation on health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA).

IEC is running sport projects funded by Erasmus+ Sport Programme focused on promoting physical activity and exercise as a healthy lifestyle and using sport as a tool for education and social inclusion of people; i.e. ”Eco-Friendly Sport”; “Hike Together”; ”Outdoor Sports in Nature for Skills”; “CYCLE! 2 Wheels Enough For Our Planet”; Football as a seed for gender equality”; and Touch (the) nature.

IEC Austria is implementing projects aiming to empower young Austrian citizens with a focus on the ones in rural areas (Europe for Citizens project CORE – Citizens Occupy Rural Europe). CORE aims to make citizens feel closer and as they belong to Europe by giving them tools and promote active participation. By creating an empowerment opportunity for youngsters and decreasing their isolation feeling, youth from rural feel involved in a community where they can participate, be active and have a role for the empowerment of other peers. Through the project activities IEC Austria motivates young citizens and improves their opportunities and develops empowerment of young Europeans.

Scout Society

Scout Society is an organization founded in 2011 with the primary goal of educating members of the local community through non-formal education to become active citizens in their local communities. The vision of our organization is to reach and positively influence as many people from our local community, country, and Europe.

Our main focus is on young people. Thus, the organization is constantly working with young people using non-formal methods and promoting multiculturalism and European principles, such as democracy, freedom of expression and human rights. However, in the last 5 years, we also started working with the adult population in our region. Our work ranges from designing activities for them to carrying out mix projects comprising activities which involve both young people and adults/seniors. These activities promote sport for all movement, look for developing, retrained courses and aim at a better integration of the adults in the community, while working continuously for developing their skills.

With regard to the structure of our organization, we have around 10 board members and more than 20 active volunteers and 80 members who activate occasionally for specific projects. Our members have extensive experience in working with NGOs, on average, 10 years of experience with NGOs, either local (ex. Students League C. Brancusi University), national (ex. National Organization of Romanian Scouts;) or international NGOs (ex. AIESEC, UNICEF). Additionally, they are experienced in organizing and implementing various projects, such as: ERASMUS+ KA1 (mobility of young people and youth worker mobility), Strategic Partnerships KA2, ERASMUS+ Sport Projects& national projects (using structural and other European funding, i.e., Norway funds). Furthermore, Scout Society members have a vast experience working as youth workers, project coordinators, facilitators, project writers, photographers, marketers and video editors, with remarkable abilities in digital, lobby & advocacy.

In addition to the value that our members bring to the organization, the partnerships that we’ve developed at local and national level contribute and bring real added value to all our projects, some of them being: Ministry of Youth and Sport in Romania (DJTS Gorj), Ministry of Labour (DGASPC Gorj), mayoralties (i.e., Târgu-Jiu), schools and universities (i.e., Constantin Brancusi University), NGOs (i.e.,
Romanian Scouts), sport clubs (i.e., Pandurii Football club) and other (i.e., Regional Touristic Centre).
Last, but not least, we are in the process of building our own Social Center where we will be able to host and implement projects.

Hodina H

The main goal of Hodina H is to create an opportunity for the development of children and youth through interesting activities, cooperation with parents, support for active aging, development of the local community.

The mission of Hodina H is to obtain and provide information especially for children and youth, to ensure their right to information, to support lifelong learning, personal development, full leisure time, to develop international cooperation, volunteering, active involvement of children, youth and adults in public affairs, to support community life and its development. Hour H is here for children and young people, for young people with fewer opportunities, for seniors and the public. Hour H is a family friendly organization.

The main target group is young people aged 13-30 and seniors aged 50+. Other target groups are young people with limited opportunities, children from 3 years of age, adults, specific target groups according to specific activities (unemployed, first-time offenders, etc.).

Hodina H defined 5 key priorities for its activities: Personal Development, Volunteering, Information, Non-formal Education, International Cooperation.

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