The awareness campaign means the dissemination of the project information and results through the local activity.

Scout Society

With the OSIN4SD awareness raising campaign in Romania we took the opportunity to orgsanise more outdoor sporting activities like:

  • Training for climbing;
  • Indian crossing;
  • Climbing;
  • Repelling;
  • Via ferrata;
  • Hiking.

The participants in the activities (30) were really eager to find out more about OSIN4SD project, and how could outdoor activities and sports contribute to their personal development. Moreover as we did this process in a practical and hands on way (with real activities done by expert outdoor professional) the feedback from the participants was great.

We organised the activities in 2 locations in Gorj county nature, one more close to Targu-Jiu in Aprilia Park and one in the mountains in Baia de Fier. In this way we managed to cover more outdoor sports presented also in the OSIN4SD handbook.

The main target group was touth workers, sport experts, outdoor sports practitioners, young people.

Innovative Education Center

During the awareness raising campaign of OSIN4SD project, people coming from different nationalities and backgrounds hike together. The organizers aimed to highlight the importance of sport and physical activity, exercise in nature whilst developing skills. Participants enjoyed a day in nature hiking and learning about cultural heritage of Austria and Czechia. The organisers also call to action to councils and public authorities to organize outdoor activities with skills development.

Handbook of OSIN4SD was shared with participants and a brief information about the project has given. This initiative aims to increase the number of people exercising in nature and increase the skills of people by exercising in nature and outdoors.

The main target group was young people and communities, public authorities, sport experts, youth workers, private sector, NGOs, coaches.

Hodina H

Within the OSIN4SD Hodina H organized the outdoor sport events for the community including:

  • outdoor sport games and competitions for skills development (balance, slalom, jumping ropes, jumping bags, obstacles)
  • climbing
  • frisbee ultimate
  • horse riding
  • rope activities
  • segway
  • ball sports

Event has around 100 participants. The participants were informed about the OSIN4SD project and in each activity they had opportunity to reflect the link to skills and their development.
The event created the opportunity for networking in the community among the outdoor sports experts and other involved in the outdoor sports activities as teachers and youth workers.

The event aimed at promoting the outdoor sports in nature and show the diversity of the sports and their link to the skills development. During the activities The handbook of the project was introduced and disseminated.

The main target group was people from the community – children, young people, parents.


The activities were led by trainer Sara Marini, with Claudio Massa and EYE program participant Felix Doolittle.

The activities included outdoor games for team building and enhancing communicative and coordination skills. The main target group was 15-17 year old schoolers, students from primary school

The aim of the project was to help students to work on team building in the class, and discover that doing activities outdoor is really useful to learn new skills.


The activity was water sport in nature on the beach of Santa Pola

The people who participated were very happy with the activity, the project seemed very interesting and at the same time important, the aquatic activities were very well organised and explained by the monitors, the group work in some of the activities was important.

Many people have valued positively this kind of activities and projects. They would distribute all the participants again.

The main target group was young people + adults + community + youth workers + sport soaches

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