El Altet is a rural area that is part of Elche, (the city), we have 2000 inhabitants and we are situated close to the airport and the see.

The associaction work most of the time in El Altet, but we have different activities and workshops in Elche and others rural areas, we have a Youth Center and different places where we develope the activities.

In the association we are 6 people in the team and we give opportunities for arround 200 young people in El Altet.

Usit is an association dedicated to promoting youth activities in the rural area of El Altet, also dedicate ourselves to the achievement and participation of European projects.

Main aim is a support of initiatives, development of competence in the local community. Among target groups belong adults and elderly people, people from rural and disadvanteges areas. Implemented actvities are aiming the emloyability and personal development, participation in the local community of the young people, adult and active life style of elderly people by learning, sharing experience and new learning opportunities using diverse tools.

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